Short Bio

Software Architect. Keen Photographer.

Manaf Kamil

My interest in photography started in late 2002 where my friend started a photo printing business. It was one of these old corner shops dedicated for processing and printing the old (chemical) film roles.

While spending time with him and learning how to use the printing machinery I began noticing the different results produced by applying the different techniques in the field, the different compositions and subtle effects produce by changing strength and direction of light.

I also took interest in digital photography; which was in it's infancy at the time, but even then offered wide range of opportunities.

Back then, I was only experimenting. Sometimes with still objects others in the busy street of Sydney, but never took photography seriously.

I only started proper and systematic photography around 2010. Since then I started going out of my way to take that one great shot. I joined in several photography trips and attended multiple workshops and online and participated in a number of exhibitions.

Photography is a creative outlet for me. With my academic education and career in programming and software engineering, a very technical and logical field, producing unique pictures became the avenue I needed to expend my artistic side.

What makes a photograph?

I do believe in the cliché: a photograph must tell a story, express an idea or uncover a concealed prospective.

In addition, in my opinion, a great photograph is one with enough interest and beauty to pull me to look at it over and over again. Not necessarily busy and over dramatic, can be simple and mundane. Just like a great rock song that you’ll never tire of hearing.

Most of my photographs a single idea. This can be an unusual view of a building, a distinctive posture or the contrast between an object and its reflection.

My favourite subjects include architecture and street photography. I find urban culture intriguing and always.

I also enjoy abstract photography and shooting still-life objects.

In my photographs, I experiment with different techniques and approaches. When shooting architecture objects and building I take my photographs with HDR in mind. I enjoy producing HDR composites and the grudge evident in these photos.

I also enjoy taking long exposure shoots and in-motion photos. I like the effect of light source passing in front of my lens and their contrast to rest of the frame.

Finally, I also take wildlife and still-life photographs. Including close-ups and macro shots.

Cameras: Canon 6D & 60D, Lytro Illum and a Sony RX100 II

Lenses: I have multiple lenses to use depending on the shoot and my need; including from ultra-wide (12mm-20mm), mid-range (24mm-70mm) and telescopic lenses (70mm-200mm & 200mm-400mm)

Software: Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Photomatix, Nicks Collection and Perfect Photo Suite